Whether you are a homeowner or a business proprietor, you can rely on our expertise to demolish residential and commercial buildings, or any other renovation project.


Commercial properties are undoubtedly heavily used by employees and customers on a daily basis, thus requiring both maintenance and a high health standard. This is simply not possible with the presence of asbestos. A&D Demolition offers asbestos removal for commercial properties ranging from small to large as well as commercial demolition in Vancouver. We service any commercial property – from schools and office buildings to warehouses and clinics.

A dangerous material such as asbestos is best left in the hands of our experts. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who will always make sure the job is done on time, safely, and up to the highest health standards. We will thoroughly evaluate the site and communicate the process, safety procedures to ensure the smooth-sailing and quality job we pride ourselves on.

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A&D Demolition provides asbestos removal services to municipal buildings in the Lower Mainland. Asbestos was widely used in the construction of buildings before the 90’s in every market – be it commercial, residential or municipal and became the standard before the detrimental health effects were known.

Municipal spaces need to be maintained at the highest standard of health and safety for both the employees and citizens using the services. For A&D’s asbestos removal, this means a thorough evaluation, open communication and a highly trained team of experts in the field who will ensure the job is done right and on time, all while meeting health and safety regulations. You can count on A&D Demolition to provide you with the very best.


Due to the high volume of homes constructed with asbestos from the 20’s all the way to the 90’s, many homes still contain this toxic material. Unaware homeowners are just now beginning to catch on to what asbestos is and just just how toxic it is. A&D provides commercial and residential demolition in Vancouver as well as asbestos removal.

If your home was built before the 70’s, the chances of it containing asbestos is high and it is important for it to be evaluated. Living on a property where asbestos is present can lead to a whole host of health problems and is vital for it to be removed. Your family’s health is the most important thing – just make the call, and let A&D Demolition take care of the rest.

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All about asbestos

Asbestos removal services are often demanded by people for old constructed buildings. In early 20’s to the 90’s, Asbestos was widely used in construction materials like reinforcing components or as material for thermal, electrical or acoustic insulation. It is capable of silently causing mesothelioma (cancer that affects the lining of the lungs and the lining surrounding the lower digestive tract), lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural thickening. These four diseases often take more than a decade to develop.

Asbestos removing is not a simple matter. It not only takes a lot of strength and time, but it also requires an extensive amount of knowledge, experience, testing, technique and expertise, as it is hard to detect because asbestos is often mixed with other materials. Asbestos removal is a job that should be done by an expert and certified team.

Our expertise

We ensure that all asbestos waste and any other contaminated waste is arranged in sealed containers and labelled properly. According to Safe Work Practices for Handling Asbestos, asbestos must be double bagged in 6 mil poly bags, sealed with duct tape and label. A prior settlement should be done with the authorities to transport any hazardous waste to assigned landfills.

Our experience enables us to do a hassle free job, always considering the environment and trying to recover all materials that can be recycled and reused. If you want additional information about asbestos and how to properly handle it, please visit If you need a professional, effective and skilled asbestos removal team in Vancouver, we can help you in your demolition or renovation project. Do not hesitate to contact us!